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The Sagamore Inn
Route 6A On the Sagamore-Sandwich Line,
Sagamore, MA ~ 508-888-9707

Great service. Fresh Food.
Overall rating - 8/10

The Sagamore Inn Full Review


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Lobster! The quintessential New England seafood. The best is fresh and
simply prepared. A boiled lobster with melted butter for dipping is one of the Cape's "not-to-be-missed" delights. Another excellent way to enjoy lobster is baked stuffed. Each chef has their own way of preparing it, but the stuffing usually includes some of the lobster meat itself or other seafood such as scallops or crabmeat. Feel free to ask, or throw caution to the wind and see what the chef whips up for you. Either way, you are surely in for a meal to be remembered.

                              ~ Boiled Lobster Recipe ~

Fresh seafood is abundant on the Cape. Depending on where you come
from, it will be an extra treat to be able to enjoy fresh New England seafood prepared many different ways during your stay. You cannot go wrong with your basic fried or broiled seafood with traditional sides like fries and cole slaw. Or you might be more adventuresome and experience a new version of your favorite seafood. Whatever you choose, I am sure you will enjoy it!

New England Clam Chowder (is there any other kind?!) is one of
Cape Cod's best known dishes. Some chefs add spices such as rosemary or
basil, but being a purist I prefer mine without the added spices - just
creamy and full of clams, potatoes and onions. Your vacation isn't complete until you've enjoyed this wonderful traditional dish here on the Cape - preferably more than once! 


               ~ New England Clam Chowder Recipe ~ 

Food, and especially dining out is generally an important part of
any vacation, and the Cape is no exception. Many people only think of seafood when they think of Cape Cod, but there are many other types of cuisine available in addition to the ever popular fruits of the ocean. You can easily find many different ethnic eateries, and even the more traditional restaurants will usually offer some creative recipes. Be sure to check around the area you are staying, or try a new place while you are out exploring the Cape.

Burgers and fries - the old standbys. Even being in the heart of a
seafood bounty might not be to everyone's taste all of the time. The Cape
offers lots of great options for a hamburger or sandwich that do not involve a big arch out front (in fact, one of the best char-grilled burgers I have EVER had was at the Kreme 'n Kone in Chatham). And there are many places that offer both seafood and other types of fare. There is truly something for everyone!

Dessert can be as elegant as a souffle or as simple as a soft-serve ice
cream after a hot game of miniature golf with your family. It can be the perfect finish to a special celebration or just a treat to close out a busy day enjoying the Cape. It can be sipping a fine after dinner wine while listening to the waves come in or toasting s'mores around a relaxing campfire. But whatever it is, it will be extra satisfying when enjoyed in the Cape's salty evening air.


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