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Cape Cod - Just A Summer Vacation Spot?

Ahhh ... summer on Cape Cod. Relaxing on a sandy beach, listening to the soothing sound of the surf. Your mind just floats away as the warmth of the summer sun eases the stress of the daily grind. What a perfect place for a summer vacation.

But wait! It's not summer! It's after Labor Day - considered early fall on the Cape. Is Cape Cod any place for a vacation other than in summer? The answer is - absolutely!

Summers spent at the Cape are wonderful, but they are very crowded due to the fact that schools are out and the majority of families vacation sometime between mid-June and Labor Day. If you have flexibility to vacation at times other than summer, than you are in luck!

Cape Cod is a wonderful place to visit almost anytime in spring and fall as well. Yes, you may need to forego the beach experience, but there is plenty to do, and the summer crowds are generally non-existent. Late spring is a great time, with plenty of lodging available as early as April. Most lodging establishments stay open well into October, and some are now open year-round due to the increased popularity of off-season travel. And of course there is the benefit of reduced rates and specials as more and more places try to attract your business. Off-season is an excellent time to try that expensive Bed & Breakfast or fancy resort you always wanted to indulge yourself in but could not afford in-season.

Dining options are plentiful in late spring and fall, too. Again, most places stay open well into October, partly to take advantage of those seeking the beautiful New England foliage, partly because it is becoming more and more popular to travel off-season.

The ferries to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket from Woods Hole run regular schedules beginning in early April and running through early October. But - they also run year-round, so don't rule out a pleasant trip to "the islands" in the off-season. Just be sure to check the schedules ahead of time.

One of the nicest things about an off-season vacation on the Cape is the quiet, less rushed pace. Traveling popular Routes like 6A and 28 are a breeze compared to summer. People are a bit less occupied with just "getting there" and more interested in enjoying the journey. Even the locals seem less hurried.

Hmm, let me see - driving is more relaxing, parking is easier, shops are less crowded, lodging is less expensive, restaurants rarely have a wait - off-season sure sounds like a great time to vacation on Cape Cod to me!

Linda Behrle


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