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Past Restaurant Reviews > Skippy's Pier 1

No fresh clams = no lunch.

Skippy's Pier 1
17 Neptune Lane
South Yarmouth, MA ~ 508-398-9556

Food - n/a
Service - 6
Setting - 8

We arrived early for lunch on a Thursday in mid-May. We waited about 10 minutes until 11:30 AM for the restaurant to open. When we entered there was no one around
and it took us several minutes to find someone. This person turned out to also be our server. We were greeted pleasantly and seated next to the window with a nice view of the marina.

Our server took our beverage orders and we perused the somewhat limited lunch menu. But it had exactly what we were looking for - clams!!  When our server came back with our drinks, we placed our order for clams casino as an appetizer and a fried clam dinner, both to share. About 10 minutes later our server returned to inform us that the restaurant had not received their order of fresh seafood yet and so they had no clams. She left us menus so we could choose something else. We looked over the menu again, but nothing appealed to us so we got up to leave. Just as we were going the waitress appeared with the clams casino (we thought they were out of clams!), so we stayed for them.  There were 6 very small clams ($10), but they were well prepared and quite tasty. We finished them and then requested our check. The waitress was very apologetic and said she hoped we would come back.

We were disappointed that the restaurant was not prepared, but in their defense, this was a Thursday and they are closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They don't have control over their fresh food deliveries, and I'm sure we would not have appreciated being served 4-day old clams.  We did feel as though 10 minutes (we are not exaggerating on the wait) was an awful long time to wait to find out they did not have the fresh clams. We should have been given the chance to cancel our entire order.  The low grade (6) for service was mostly due to this factor.

Skippy's is an attractive restaurant with a huge outdoor deck for warmer weather. There is a full bar area shaped like the bow of a whaling ship and nautical decor on the walls. A dance floor and band area is in the rear of the restaurant.  Seating is comfortable and well-spaced out.

We will make a point to visit again in the future and hope for better results.


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