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Great Service. Fresh Food. Open Every Day.

The Sagamore Inn
Route 6A On the Sagamore-Sandwich Line,
Sagamore, MA ~ 508-888-9707


Food - 8
Service - 9
Setting - 7
Value - 8

The Sagamore Inn is housed in what looks like an old inn, hence the name. We weren't sure which door to enter as we didn't see a clear entry sign. We chose the left hand door and found ourselves in the main dining room. Turns out that the right hand door would have brought us into the bar area which also has several booths and a couple of small tables. In the dining room there is no waiting area and about 5 of the 12-15 tables/booths were filled. We were immediately met by the sweet waft of New England clam chowder. Mmmmmm.

We were then greeted and seated promptly by a young lady who seemed to work hard, was very efficient and polite, yet didn't seem to smile the entire time we were there. Just an observation. Once we were seated our waitress quickly appeared and brought us our menus and took our drink orders. She had a great sense of humor and checked back with us at appropriate intervals until we were ready to order.

Our party of 2 ordered a bowl of New England clam chowder to share plus we each ordered the lobster roll, one with fries and the other with creamy slaw. Several tables had filled since we had arrived so things were starting to hop in the kitchen. Our chowder arrived in a few minutes and was piping hot. Our waitress had taken the liberty of splitting our bowl of chowder and putting it into individual cups for us so we didn't have to reach across into one bowl - a nice touch. The chowder was fantastic - creamy, loaded with clams and very flavorful. One of my pet peeves with some restaurants is way too much seasoning, or herbs that are not listed in the description. This chowder was just right - a New England clam chowder purist's dream. No herbs, just the wonderful aroma and taste of clams, potatoes and a bit of onion.
We both enjoyed it down to the last drop.

Our lobster rolls seemed to take a bit longer than we expected, but as mentioned earlier, the place was much busier than when we first arrived. When our sandwiches did arrive they consisted of a lightly toasted soft bun over loaded with lobster chunks. There was a small amount of lettuce tucked under the lobster meat. Although the menu had said the lobster was mixed with mayonnaise there did not seem to be any. After tasting the meat we both decided that it needed more mayo which our waitress quickly brought to us. The bun was delicious and the sandwich was also accompanied by a nice size dill pickle spear. Overall we both thought the sandwich was a bit on the bland side though we agreed that the additional mayo really added something.

The Sagamore Inn's sign says that it specializes in Italian food and fresh seafood. We can attest that the food is definitely fresh. The lunch menu offers a variety of sandwiches such as a Cape Cod Reuben, an Angus burger, a House Club sandwich, fried fish or a meatball sub. There are also Seafood Rolls - lobster, whole belly clam, scallops, popcorn shrimp, tuna salad or crab. Sandwiches and burgers are served with French Fries or coleslaw plus a pickle. Luncheon entrees include a pasta platter, pot roast, broiled scrod, or fish & chips.

The extensive dinner menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, several soups, slalds, fried and broiled seafood, an array of "parmesan" dishes and the Sagamore Inn "favorites" such as Homemade Lasagna, Shirley's Famous Pot Roast, steak, cutlets and Sandy's Famous Chicken Fingers w/gravy. Boiled or baked stuffed lobster, shrimp scampi, and seafood casserole are listed under "Seafood Favorited".

Lunch prices ranged from $2.99 to $17.99. Dinner prices ranged from $2.99 for "Soup of the Day" to $28.99 for Lobster Casserole. Several fresh seafood items were listed as "market price".Lunch is served 7 days a week starting at 11:30 AM. Dinner is also served 7 days a week until closing. Breakfast is only served on Saturday and Sunday in the off-season.

This place has been around for over 70 years (our waitress actually showed us a photo of the inn taken back in the day). You don't last this long unless you're very good.



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