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Wonderful fried seafood. Great char-grilled burgers. No frills.

Kream 'n Kone
Corner of Route 28 & Route 134, West Dennis, MA ~ 508-394-0808

Kream 'N Kone west Dennis
Food - 10
Service - 7
Value - 9

The Kream 'n Kone has been around since 1953, but it has only been in this new location since 2003. A fire destroyed their previous location but they were up and running again within a few months. The current owners have been running KnK since 1990 and their philosophy is "we buy and serve fresh and top quality seafood". After you have experienced the wonderful seafood and other offerings here, you will totally agree that this philosophy is perfect and serves them well.

This restaurant is at the top of our list when we want no frills, top-notch fried seafood. It doesn't hurt that they make the best char-grilled burger that we have ever had at any restaurant, too. To start off, we recommend the  New England Clam Chowder - a perfect blend of clams, potatoes, onion and milk. Unlike so many places today that seem to think that you need to add a bunch of spices to Clam Chowder, the KnK Chowder is a purest's delight!

A fried seafood dinner consists of french fries, onion rings and your choice of - whole clams, clam strips, scallops, shrimp, oysters or calamari. You may also order 2 or 3-way combination plates. The whole clams and scallops are our favorites, and the portions are sizeable, so plan on sharing. The seafood is lightly battered so as not to drown out the fresh flavor of the seafood. The onion rings are superb, too. Thin, lightly battered and fried just crispy. Though this meal will never meet the test for ANY diet, we say - throw caution to the wind and enjoy this at least once while you are on the Cape. 

For those that enjoy broiled seafoods, the Kream 'n Kone offers haddock, flounder, salmon or swordfish with rice pilaf and cole slaw. There are sandwiches, salads and plates on the menu, too - 1/2 fried chicken dinner, charbroiled chicken sandwich, fish sandwich, hot dogs, and even a chicken liver plate. Most are served with fries and slaw. The sandwich rolls include the famous lobster roll as well as scallop, shrimp, clam, clam strip, crab and oyster rolls. Though we have not tried everything on the menu, we have not been disappointed in any of our selections.

A few extra items offered at KnK that you don't see often are iced coffee, punch, and black & white frappes. These are in addition to the usual Coke products, lemonade, iced tea, frappes in many flavors and soft serve ice cream in 24 flavors. 

The restaurant is situated at the corner of Routes 28 & 134, and is in a large white building that used to be an Italian restaurant. When you walk in you will see a long counter on the right for ordering your food. To the left and also past the counter are large open areas with tables neatly set out and generously spaced. The service is no frills, so order at the counter, and then you get your own condiments and tableware and find a seat. The tables next to the windows along the back are especially pleasant with their view of Swan River right outside the window. Children and adults alike enjoy looking out and watching ducks, geese and swans swimming and nesting around the river.

When your food is ready, it will be delivered to your table, hot and fresh. Make sure to check your order over to see that you have everything before you let your server get away. Than the true enjoyment begins! Enjoy one of the best seafood meals on the Cape.

The service at Kream 'n Kone is fast and practical. We found the order takers and servers to be quick, but not as patient and friendly as they could be. The menu is large and can take a few minutes to cover, so we recommend standing back until you are ready to order - unless the lines are long enough to allow you time to go over the menu then. Speaking of lines, they move pretty quickly when there is one. That's when we appreciate that fast service the most!

The West Dennis Kream 'n Kone is tops for fried seafood in our book. The prices are just a bit high, but the quality is worth it. The setting is simple, but pleasant and the service is fast and efficient. Your food will arrive freshly prepared and hot. Pull up a river-side seat and enjoy! 

Note - There are two Kream 'n Kones on the Cape, but they are not affiliated with each other. Both offer similar menus. The other one is in Chatham on Route 28 and spells it's name differently - Kreme 'n Kone.


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